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Sarah Manigne

The Art Studio


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Date de parution : 23 août 2018
ISBN : 9782715247796
Nombre de pages : 112
Format : 11,8x18,5
Prix : 10 €


A pose session in a painter studio is always a singular moment, for the artist as well as for his model. That is what Odile will discover when she is posing for her father. Odile is not a child anymore, but this is the first time her famous father decides to paint her portrait. Actually, it is also their first face-to-face…

Torn between a tormented artist as a father and a mother with a flamboyant personality, Odile had a solitary childhood. She was entrusted to a nanny, an old grandfather then a boarding school, and she never received tenderness. Her mother – Elena, Eda, Educhka – neglected her daughter: she was first the muse of her husband and was devoted to his glory… Like Gala and Paul Eluard, the mythical couple.

How to live in the shadow of a great artist, to free from his aura and to find one’s own way? This is what Sarah Manigne is telling us, allowing us to enter with her in the secret of the painter’s studio.

Sarah Manigne is born in Paris in 1976. After several years devoted to audiovisual production, she is now working at a film school. L’atelier is her first novel.


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Renaudot 2018, sélection de printemps

Le jury du prix Renaudot a retenu La petite famille dans sa sélection de printemps, établie le 15 mai 2018.


Sélection Prix Stanislas 2018

Le jury du prix Stanislas a retenu L'atelier dans sa sélection, établie le 28 juin 2018.