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Manuel Benguigui

A Snow Painting


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Date de parution : 08 mars 2018
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4675-1
Nombre de pages : 144
Prix : 14,80 €


Edwin has been living a solitary life for several years, but he feels ready to come back to the world now. One day, he goes with a friend of his in a collector’s apartment in Manchester. In the apartment, he has the vision of a mysterious snow painting; and the same day in the same place he steals “by mistake” a little canvas from the 15th century.

No one can get away with stealing an art work. So while Edwin is wandering through museums and galleries looking for his enigmatic snow painting, the small painting’s owner goes after him…

A series of incredible adventures starts here: a man chasing a picture while being chased for another picture, through misunderstandings and coincidences, from auction houses to art fairs, from Manchester to Hong-Kong, from Paris to Maastricht. Manuel Benguigui takes us into a mad race in the art market.

Manuel Benguigui was born in Paris in 1976. He works in a tribal art gallery. In 2017, he published his first novel at Mercure de France, Un Collectionneur allemand/A German Collector (rights sold: Turkey, Yapi Kredi).


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Le jury du prix Renaudot a retenu La petite famille dans sa sélection de printemps, établie le 15 mai 2018.


Sélection Prix Stanislas 2018

Le jury du prix Stanislas a retenu L'atelier dans sa sélection, établie le 28 juin 2018.