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Jean-Pierre Orban

All the Islands and the Ocean


Viet Nam -

Date de parution : 01 mars 2018
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4729-1
Nombre de pages : 304
Prix : 21 €


In the 60’s, Adèle, a young French woman aged 25, is expecting a child following three nights of passion with Sainto, a man she met in Paris a few weeks earlier. Sainto disappears without leaving an address. She collects a few clues which lead her to Congo, a country engaged in a bloody and dangerous post-independence insurrection.

In Africa, Adèle doesn’t go unnoticed. The white population has fled the country massively. No one knows why this young woman is determined to travel up the Congo river towards the Equator. Her quest begins, carried by the slow pace of the river… When Adele finds Sainto, it is too late: he has just been mysteriously murdered. Unfortunately her future child will never know his father…

Several years later, Raphaël, now an adult, is at his mother’s graveside in Brussels. Adèle had not had the time to entrust him with the keys to their past. The quest goes on, passed on from mother to son…


Jean-Pierre Orban lives between Paris and Brussels. He studied philosophy, theatre and journalism. He writes plays and has published youth literature. Amongst his works, he has published two collections of short stories and a first novel, Vera (Mercure de France, 2014), which was awarded the First Novel Prize 2014, the European Book Prize 2015 and has been translated into English (Francis Boutle, UK), Italian (Gremese) and Vietnamese (Sao Bac).


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