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Camille Guichard



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Date de parution : 11 janvier 2018
ISBN : 9782715247048
Nombre de pages : 192
Prix : 17,80 €


As every Sunday, Pierre (13 years old) and his parents have a picnic in the forest with the Galas family – Joseph, Jeanne and their three children. Pierre’s mother tries to ensure that everything goes perfectly: checked tablecloth impeccably tight, delicious roast chicken, fresh rosé wine… The weather is ideal, the days promises to be idyllic. The young Pierre is fascinated by Jeanne Galas, as sensual as an actress. However this Sunday is not like any other. Pierre feels it immediately, through imperceptible details. Adults are tense and behave in strange way. Hidden behind a bush or perched at the top of an oak tree, Pierre is watching all this small world and catch some glances, some gestures and some words which must have been kept hidden or quiet. Then he discovers an inconceivable reality, which is questioning all this perfect scheduling. Do some intimate bonds exist between his father and Jeanne Galas? Does the husband suspect the adultery? Depositary of a weighty secret despite himself, what could he do to prevent this afternoon in paradise from becoming a tragedy?

Camille Guichard is a scriptwriter and a filmmaker. He already wrote a novel, Vision par une fente.


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