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Anne Serre

Travelling With Vila-Matas


Espagne -

Date de parution : 03 janvier 2017
ISBN : 9782715244566
Nombre de pages : 144
Prix : 14,80 €


At the end of November in 2015, Anne Serre finds herself on a train from Paris to Montauban to go to a literary festival. Up to that point, nothing is out of the ordinary since she is indeed an author. She is equipped for the trip with a book by Enrique Vila-Matas that she is reading feverously. Then all of a sudden, the Spanish author is there, sitting next to her; is this a happy coincidence or a figment of her imagination? Anne Serre strikes up a conversation with him, giving the impression that the discussion began a long time ago… Later, as luck would have it, they are staying in rooms right next to each other in the same hotel. But is this all real? It becomes difficult to decipher the truth from invention. While also in the same hotel, Anne Serre comes across Ana Magnani…

            Anne Serre takes pleasure in surprising her readers and potentially even “manipulating” them. Auspiciously through Vila-Matas, the author becomes a master in her own right! With this joyous and funny text, Anne Serre evokes the power of literature and gives her readers a truly unique auto-portrait.

Anne Serre is the author of a dozen books including Le narrateur (English rights sold to New Directions), Les débutants and Petite table, sois mise !.


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