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Manuel Benguigui

A German Collector


Turquie -

Date de parution : 03 janvier 2017
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4494-8
Nombre de pages : 160
Prix : 15,80 €


Ludwig has been “art-deprived” from a very young age. He looks at exhibition catalogues, frequently goes to museums and gets lost in his own thoughts while thinking about the beautiful things in life. Art is the reason he gets out of bed in the morning. During WWII, Ludwig is stationed in Paris as an officer in a unit concentrated in works of art. Hitler began a campaign dedicated to confiscating art. In occupied France, Ludwig works miracles and manages to find priceless and well-hidden pieces. Under the protection of Goering, who is a collector himself, Ludwig’s reputation proceeds himself which causes jealously amongst his comrades. However Ludwig does not seem to mind, to him he is carrying out his mission with conviction and a sense of urgency; nonetheless in so doing, he becomes even more isolated than before.  Even so, a force within him shifts the day he meets the young Lucette. Ludwig recognizes his artistic alter ego in this French woman with close ties to the Resistance. More surprisingly, for the first time in his life, he is filled with emotion and desire for another person.

            Will this meeting change the meaning of life for Ludwig? Will he continue to work for the Nazi regime in complete impunity?


Manuel Benguigui is born in 1976 and works in the art world. A German Collector is his first novel.


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