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Yves Bichet

Three Children of Tumult


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Date de parution : 30 août 2018
ISBN : 9782715248670
Nombre de pages : 272
Format : 14x20,5
Prix : 19,80 €


May 1968. The revolt is roaring everywhere in France. Especially in Lyon, on May 24th, where a large demonstration is turning wrong. Cobblestones throwing, tear gas canisters, all sorts of slogans… the gathering just degenerates. One truck targets the forces of law and bumps into the Commissioner Lacroix who will succumb in hospital. He is the first dead of May 1968. This tragedy marks a turning point in this revolutionary movement. To Mila and Théo, who came to protest on that day, it is the beginning of another story…

“They wanted to do away with prudence, to reinvent a form of grace, which could put the old world on its knees. They believed in the miracles of the skins. They were in love and boisterous guys. Only one aim matters: the noise of new lives which shall start after the squalls of May. Shunted from desire of freedom to chaos’ nostalgia, for a moment they believed in the mirage of radicalism.”

Yves Bichet has written several novels, among them La Part animale (adapted as a movie by Sébastien Jaudeau in 2007), L’Homme qui marche (shortlisted for Femina Prize 2014), L’été contraire (shortlisted for Renaudot Prize 2015, translated in Italian language (Bompiani)) and Indocile (2017).


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Renaudot 2018, sélection de printemps

Le jury du prix Renaudot a retenu La petite famille dans sa sélection de printemps, établie le 15 mai 2018.


Sélection Prix Stanislas 2018

Le jury du prix Stanislas a retenu L'atelier dans sa sélection, établie le 28 juin 2018.