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Alma Brami

Silence Means Consent


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Date de parution : 24 août 2017
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4535-8
Prix : 16,80 €


Émilie and Bernard live in the countryside with their two children. Bernard wanted to leave the town, in order to find better quality of life, fulfilment and fresh air. Émilie followed him with docility, leaving behind her parents and friends. For her wife comfort, Bernard had a brilliant idea: he found a friend for her in the classified ads! Then the “friends” are succeeding each other, for Émilie as well as in Bernard’s bed. Sabine, Elsa, Odile, Aurélie… All of them are interchangeable, and they are dismissed as soon as Bernard get bored of them… and seek refuge to his beloved wife! From the outside, the situation might look comical. But in her inner self, Émilie is suffering and loosing control… How to express anger and recover dignity?

On the tragicomic tone, which sets her work, Alma Brami take us along in the very heart of a strange family. Wigwagging between realism and tale, she draws the moving portrait of a wounded woman for whom couple has become a trap.


Also a player, Alma Brami was revealed as a novelist with Sans elle (2008), which awarded numerous prizes. Since then, she published several novels, including J’aurais dû apporter des fleurs in 2015. Qui ne dit mot consent is her seventh novel. She lives in Honk Kong.


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