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Anne Françoise Brillot

Little Wild Animal


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Date de parution : 01 septembre 2016
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4270-8
Nombre de pages : 128
Format : 11,8x18,5
Prix : 12,5 €


            During the 1970s, Fanon, a 14 year-old living in the Parisian suburbs, hops on her moped every chance she gets to visit her friends living in the nearby projects. It is another world there, rules are less strict than in her neighborhood. She feels free and is able to drink, smoke and be sexually active…Fanon is a rebellious tomboy who is disillusioned by the ways of the world which gives the impression that she is full of angst. But why would that be? Who is she really? Fanon has not always been a rough adolescent. Even now, there is another side to her, she cares deeply for animals and she lights up whenever she sets her eyes on a fluffy chick.

            With a very precise writing style, alternating between realistic and poetic scenes, the city and nature, Anne Françoise Brillot goes back and evokes episodes from Fanon’s past. Brillot treads lightly and she creates little scenes, that when put together create a moving portrayal.

Anne Françoise Brillot is a set photographer and also directs documentaries. Petit animal sauvage is her first novel.


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