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Bertrand Leclair

By Way of the Hostile City


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Date de parution : 03 octobre 2016
ISBN : 9782715244153
Nombre de pages : 128
Format : 14x20,8
Prix : 13,50 €


            Her sons’ violent outbursts are what scare her. From one second to the next her world, and that of the neighborhood, is taken over and threatened by their hatred… Since when? Here is a question that torments her to the very core. Since when has she been afraid of her sons? Since when did everything spin out of control?

            A woman is all alone, motionless in a wheelchair, in an apartment that is nearly empty. No curtains on the windows, no television, no couch. She is waiting to be kicked to the curb. They are going to evict her, she knows it. She will soon be living on the streets with no place to go.

            Who is this woman and how did she get there? She did indeed have a husband and two children – Luis and Rodrigue. She left her husband when he became violent; today her children are in prison for drug trafficking.

            Bertrand Leclair gives us a poignant portrait of how a life can drastically change one day to the next in By Way of the Hostile City.

Bertrand Leclair is the author of several plays, essays and novels. He most notably wrote Petit Éloge de la paternité (Gallimard, 2010), Dans les rouleaux du temps (Flammarion, 2011), Malentendus (Actes Sud, 2013) and La villa du jouir (Serge Safran éditeur, 2015).



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