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Elsa Fottorino

We Will Leave


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Date de parution : 02 mars 2017
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4468-9
Nombre de pages : 176
Prix : 16,80 €


Nicole seems to enjoy life in her sweet home close to the ocean, with her husband and her daughter. But things are not always at they seem. Something inexpressible is weighing upon Nicole, a strange melancholy is in her, like a pain buried deep down within herself. Her own little world is in order, but something sounds odd. By the way, her new neighbour makes no mistake about it. Behind this perfect house wife, he detects another woman, more delicate person than she seems. He may take advantage of the situation…

Elsa Fottorino was born in 1985. She wrote two novels, Mes petites morts and Une disparition.


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