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Cécile Balavoine



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Date de parution : 06 avril 2017
ISBN : 9782715245440
Nombre de pages : 224
Prix : 17,80 €


Cécile is nine years old when she discovers Mozart’s music. It is a revelation. Some children use to dream imaginary friends up, others worship fictional characters. For the little girl, the best superhero is Mozart! She loves him as a god, with undivided love. While she grows up and becomes a journalist, her passion remains intact. She has now an intimate and encyclopedic knowledge about Mozart’s work. When she must interview a renowned conductor, she doesn’t know that her life will suddenly change. She is disconcerted by the voice of the maestro on the line, as she was disconcerted and captivated by Mozart’s music few years before… But can we fall in love with a voice, even the voice of most famous maestro of the world?

Maestro is Cécile Balavoine’s first novel.


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Renaudot 2018, sélection de printemps

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Sélection Prix Stanislas 2018

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