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Hubert Haddad

Exaggerated Coincidences


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Date de parution : 01 septembre 2016
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4406-1
Nombre de pages : 196
Prix : 17 €


         It was September 17th in Paris. Hubert Haddad was 20 years old and perched on a windowsill on the fifth floor of a building on the rue Pastourelle. Completely naked and about to jump into the abyss, a young man and friend, entered by chance at that exact moment. He walked towards Hubert and knew just what to say to get him to come down.

         From that day onwards, Hubert Haddad, as a poet and painter, creates a vibrant, enigmatic and almost hallucinatory auto-portrait in hopes of discovering what drove him to nearly commit suicide. The text pulls from his past with searing episodes from childhood. The present day is also confronted with scenes such as those from the night of the attacks on November 13th 2015. That fateful night Hubert ran to the hospital to his brother’s bedside who had only a few seconds left to live. While at the same time, only a few meters away, young people were being assassinated.

Poet, novelist and essayist, Hubert Haddad is the author of several important works; most notably, Palestine (which received the Renaudot Poche and the cinq continents de la Francophonie prizes), the noteworthy Peintre d’éventail (winning the Louis Guilloux and Grand Prix SGDL prizes) in addition to .


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