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Sophie Avon

The Way the Wind Blows


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Date de parution : 25 août 2016
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4418-4
Nombre de pages : 176
Format : 14x20,8
Prix : 16,80 €


            Lili is 20 years old in the beginning of the 1980s, when she embarks on a journey with her brother Paul on a sailboat called Le Horus. She leaves her fiancé, Vincent, behind who anxiously awaits her return to Bordeaux. Paul is an experienced sailor, but crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat is no small feat. As fate would have it, Paul and Lili meet old friends, or rather strangers with whom they build a strong bond. The voyage is sometimes rocky and the conditions are relentless at times… The Azores, West Africa, Dakar and then finally the long voyage across the Atlantic. The arrival in Brazil awakens a feeling of well-being, contentedness and the sensation they are completely present in the here and now.

            For Lili, this trip was necessary: to leave behind the old and set out and discover new places and see different ways of life. The trip was a way to remove herself from the mundane aspects of everyday life and feel free from family obligations…However putting off the inevitable and coming home, is not possible. But how do you maintain a sense of the paradisiacal bliss after returning to « normal life »?

Sophie Avon lives in Bordeaux and is a film critic for the newspaper Sud Ouest and for the Show «Le Masque et le Plume. » She is the author of several novels, most notably Les Amoureux and Dire adieu.


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