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Anne Révah

The Place I Remember


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Date de parution : 02 février 2017
ISBN : 9782715244627
Nombre de pages : 192


Philippe, a forty year old, is at a crossroads in life. He just left his tyrannical wife and two grown sons to return to a city in province where he lived for quite some time years before.

There in a coffee shop, he meets Myor, a homeless hermit who lives in the forest. Myor spends his days writing on scraps of paper. He recounts that he is from an “enigmatic place near a lake.” Myor is haunted by this place and desperately wants to go back, but he is incapable of finding it on a map. Is he completely crazy and a potential psychiatric patient escapee like many people seem to think? Philippe does not care and decides to help Myor find this lost childhood town.

The two set off on a strange sort of Odyssey making a funny duo that could be mistaken for a father and son.

Anne Révah is the author of four novels including Quitter Venise and L’enfant sans visage.


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