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Vincent Pieri

The Voice That Lies Within


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Date de parution : 03 mars 2016
ISBN : 978271524241-8
Nombre de pages : 160
Format : 14x20,8
Prix : 15,80 €


Jean is a cellist and plays in the biggest orchestras in the world. However, he is haunted by a strange and yet sublime voice, which initially fills a void in Jean. The voice then overpowers him and he is subject to violent outbursts and is not far from sinking into utter madness... His friend Nathanaël, who is a Gypsy stringed instrument maker, luckily intervenes. Nathanaël puts Jean in a train and sends him to the south to find a certain Manuel d’Algirdas, who is a strange character but also the one person who can help. Nathanaël cannot accompany Jean since he had been banished long ago by his family. So it is Jean who sets out alone into the unknown world of the Gypsy’s that is riddled with harsh codes and strange rituals; he attempts to find this so called "healer" who is known by everyone but, as it turns out, is hard to find.

Vincent Pieri is a Literature professor. His first novel, Rome Station, was hailed by critics and received several awards, most notably the Prix Edmée de la Rochefoucauld and the Prix Rhône Alpes des lycéens.


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