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La forêt de l'amour en nous


Italie - Guanda
Allemagne - Jung & Jung

Date de parution : 01 octobre 2009
ISBN : 9782715229310
Nombre de pages : 152
Format : 140 x 205
Prix : 16,80 €


Born in 1930 in Syria to a peasant family, naturalized Lebanese, Ali Ahmad Said Esber early on took the pseudonym of Adonis and went on to become the most important and talented Arab poets of our century: His choice of name reflected, from the outset, his wish for a double inheritance, his shouldering of the Greco-Latin tradition as well as the Arab one.

A meditative poet, he is a man of migrations, open to all sources and their interactions, even if they seem to be irreconcilable. Poetry is to Andonis, the place where Thought is created, warps and splits into parables. He is the poet of the crossroads, of movement, of the harmony in the song, but also of the body, its movement, its dispersion into atoms, dust, ashes under the sun. 

Previously unpublished in French, translated with talent by Venus Khoury-Ghata, this new poetic collection follows  L’histoire qui se déchire sur le corps d’une femme, published in 2008 by Mercure de France.


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