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Jean-Michel Maulpoix

The Red Swallow


Allemagne -

Date de parution : 09 février 2017
ISBN : 9782715245006
Nombre de pages : 128
Prix : 13,5 €


They crossed over the threshold. Now I imagine the old man and woman in the very back of the garden, close the door and currently free of fatigue, oblivious of their unsightly nude bodies, they consume peaches, pears and melons to no avail, not far from the tree of good and evil, the tree of knowledge and the tree of poetry. My mother and father age on the fruits of the unknown with laughs and kisses, their childhood remains alive, breaths are taken from the ashes, their love will have the last word.

Jean-Michel Maulpoix alludes to his deceased parents with much humility. He creates fragmented and intimate portraits of them. For the author, the objective is to know how to find the right words and the appropriate distance from the subject matter. How does one not get taken away by the void and continue to write and live? Those are the questions their son asks himself and his poetic side becomes the means in which he tries to find the answers. “Besides the unknown, what else fights against desire’s muted phrases?,” he said. The answer is maybe there…

Writer and academic, Jean-Michel Maulpoix is the author of several poetic works including Une histoire de bleu, L’écrivain imaginaire, Domaine public and Pas sur la neige, published by the Mercure de France.


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