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Vénus Khoury-Ghata

A Farewell to the Red Woman


Grece -

Date de parution : 04 mai 2017
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4581-5
Nombre de pages : 176
Prix : 16,80 €


Zeit and Zina are brother and sister. They live in a palm grove, in Sub-Saharan Africa. Overnight, their mother disapeared. She joined a Western photographer who got here by chance. Then the father and his both children go to look for her. They travel through deserts, the Strait of Gibraltar, then they arrived in Andalousia. Here they meet other foreigners, illegal immigrants like them. Among them there is Baobab, a street peddler who takes the father and her children under his wing. As the name suggests, Baobab is a giant! But it won’t take them long before they trace their mother. She is on every walls of the city, on gigantic and indecent bills. But she already left the photographer a long time ago. She would be now with a writer… Being suspected by the local authorities, the police and the administration, Zeit and Zina are left to their own devices. Zeit becomes a thief, Zina begs and sleeps on the steps of a church. Whill they get their beloved mother back?

Novelist and poet, Vénus Khoury-Ghata is the author of various titles. Her work has received several awards including the prix Goncourt for poetry. More recently, La fiancée était à dos d’âne received the prix Renaudot poche 2015. In 2016, she published Les derniers jours de Mandelstam (rights sold to US/UK (Seagull Books) and to Italy (Guanda)).


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Renaudot 2018, sélection de printemps

Le jury du prix Renaudot a retenu La petite famille dans sa sélection de printemps, établie le 15 mai 2018.


Sélection Prix Stanislas 2018

Le jury du prix Stanislas a retenu L'atelier dans sa sélection, établie le 28 juin 2018.