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Raphaël Confiant

The Mexican Epic of Romulus Bonnaventure


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Date de parution : 05 avril 2018
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4409-2
Nombre de pages : 350
Prix : 20 €


Since he was a child, Roro works in the Habitation La Fleury, in Martinique. He is one of the best slaves of his master, Philibert Dupin de Lassalle. Unlike his companions in misfortune, he luckily learnt to read. During the Abolition mess in May 1848, he takes away a heavy dictionary. It is his biggest treasure with freedom.

Free, Roro becomes “Romulus Bonnaventure”. Particularly cheeky and erudite, he impresses a lot his contemporaries. His happy relationship with Péloponèse Beauséjour, a voluptuous Chabine with a strong character, also incites more and more jealousy.

Our both heroes’ life suddenly changes when Napoleon III soldiers, carried by Maximilien the first to Mexico, make a stopover in Martinique. For Romulus, the opportunity is too great: he joins the army. For Péloponèse Beauséjour, she is becoming a lady companion for Charlotte of Belgium, the future Empress of Mexico.

For all of them, the Mexican adventure is just beginning…


Born in 1951 in Martinique, writer of many novels, essays and poems, Raphaël Confiant is one of the leader of the Creolity literary movement. He is the author of Madame Saint-Clair, reine de Harlem (translated in Italian language at Stampa Alternativa; TV rights sold to Canal Studio).


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