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Yves Bonnefoy

The Red Scarf


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Date de parution : 02 mai 2016
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4400-9
Nombre de pages : 250
Format : 14x20,8


  By chance, Yves Bonnefoy came across an unpublished free verse poem of roughly a hundred lines entitled, « The Red Scarf », which could have been an idea for a story. Faced with this mystery before him, the following question is begged: what is this never before released account? In the poem, places and events are mentioned, but what exactly is being referenced?

   The poet brings us back in time. In Bonnefoy’s text, he sets out to try and find clues and inevitably becomes an archaeologist of his own poem. The author splits in two and becomes his own exegete. In decrypting every successive stratum, the author plunges deeper into his own text and gets closer to discovering just what was at the origin.

   This trip transports us back and reawakens memories which leads Bonnefoy to his country of birth. Most notably, he revisits memories of his father and mother, Elie and Hélène, and delves into who they were as people and recounts stories from their past. He evokes his « origins » in the literal sense, but also the origins of his work. This unprecedented retrospective clarifies what is at the root of his literary calling.

   The text by Yves Bonnefoy lets emotion bloom with simplicity and elegance. A deeply moving account in which Yves Bonnefoy opens up like he has never done so before.


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