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Paul Léautaud

The Peculiar Journal, 1936


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Date de parution : 03 octobre 2016
ISBN : 9782715244306
Nombre de pages : 224
Format : 14x20,8
Prix : 17 €


            Many of us know the story of when Paul Léautaud and Marie Dormoy met in the entryway of the Mercure de France on January 13th 1933. Marie Dormoy wanted to buy the manuscript entitled Journal on behalf of the Doucet Library; which incidentally Léautaud had had since 1893. Marie set about creating Léautaud’s office in addition to beginning a romantic relationship with him. In 1935, Léautaud accepted that Marie type up his Journal. In so doing, she discovered illusions and sometimes graphic depictions of their relationship that had begun on February 4th 1933. The act of typing solidified their relationship and at the same time was an opportunity for Marie to touch up and sometimes alter the original text. Deletions, corrections, additions… The momentous work lead to the birth of two journals: the one that can be categorized at “literary”, that is well known, and the second, that is more intimate and referred to as “peculiar.”

            In 1936, this “peculiar” journal was published. One can read unheard of episodes from the complicated romantic relationship between Paul Léutaud and Marie Dormoy.

Paul Léautaud started working at the Mercure de France in 1895. He was the Editor in Chief from 1908 to 1940. The first volume of Journal was published in 1954, which was followed by eighteen volumes. The Mercure de France published the entirety of Léautaud’s works.


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