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Yves Bichet

Defiant Guy


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Date de parution : 24 août 2017
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4577-8
Nombre de pages : 272
Prix : 19,80 €


*** Long-listed Prix Femina 2017***

***Long-listed Prix Renaudot 2017 ***

September, 1961. Théodore, 18 years old, is regularly visiting his friend Antoine on the army hospital in the Lyon region. He speaks with him, gets him to listen to music. Antoine never answers, and for good reason! He is in coma after being injured in Algeria. At the same time, Théo met Mila, a young mysterious woman: androgynous figure, shaved head, a long scar around her neck… A little like a funambulist, and like a magician. They fell in love immediately, with youthful energy and idealism. But Theo must go to the army then to war. He deserts: this conscientious objection is an offence and he is risking prison. From Lyon to the South of France, from the Paladru Lake to Switzerland, his escape is just beginning…


Yves Bichet used to be a mason and an agricultural worker for more than twenty years. He now dedicates himself to writing. He has written several novels, among them La Part animale, L’Homme qui marche (shortlisted for Femina Prize 2014) and L’été contraire (shortlisted for Renaudot Prize 2015, translated in Italian language (Bompiani)).


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Prix KOWALSKI 2017 (prix de poésie de la ville de Lyon)