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Vénus Khoury-Ghata

Gens de l'eau


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Date de parution : 05 avril 2018
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4759-8
Nombre de pages : 120


As a myth, Gens de l'eau rises in a sing a community life. Waiting for the men who went hunting, women erase their pain with rain water. All the people around the world are considered as strange brothers, familiars… sometimes threatening.

Vénus Khoury-Ghata offers a procession of concrets pictures with a deeply beauty. In this new collection, she gives away a wide poetry, direct and almost magical.


Novelist and poet, Vénus Khoury-Ghata is the author of an important work. She received several awards including the Great Poetry Prize of French Academy in 2009 and the Goncourt Prize for Poetry in 2011. At Mercure de France, she published several novels and poetry collections including Le livre des suppliques (English rights sold to Liverpool University Press), Les derniers jours de Mandelstam (rights sold to Seagull Books, US/UK ; Ugo Guanda, Italy) and L’adieu à la femme rouge (rights Enalios, Greece).


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Renaudot 2018, sélection de printemps

Le jury du prix Renaudot a retenu La petite famille dans sa sélection de printemps, établie le 15 mai 2018.


Sélection Prix Stanislas 2018

Le jury du prix Stanislas a retenu L'atelier dans sa sélection, établie le 28 juin 2018.