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Gilles Leroy



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Date de parution : 02 février 2017
ISBN : 9782715243934
Nombre de pages : 315


During the summer of 1948, three young actors: Joan Ellis, Paul Young and Bob Lockhart film a western. On-screen, Paul and Bob fight for the attentions of Joan. But off-screen, things could not be more different… The young men get closer while Joan looks on and is fascinated to see a new love blossoming between them. At this time, the pressures from the studios, the decency leagues, the censure committees and the ruthless press could easily bring their relationship to an end. After years of living together as “roommates” and unyielding gossip, the two men end up separating…

In the fall of 2004 in Manhattan: the film from 1948 has been restored and is being re-released in color. The actors are invited to a pre-screening. More than fifty years later, is it possible for them to reconcile and pick up where they left off?

Gilles Leroy is the author of Alabama Song (which won the prix Goncourt in 2007), Nina Simon, roman and Le monde selon Billy Boy (receiving the prix Marcel Pagnol 2015).


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