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Pilar Pujadas

Intertwined Hearts


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Date de parution : 02 juin 2016
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4339-2
Nombre de pages : 250


            Déborah, Marie-France, Muriel, Ève and Béatrice: five women from various generations and different walks of life spend time in the same apartment. Each of them has a legitimate reason as to why they have found themselves there.

            In turn, they all come across the same object: a bright red bra that had been recklessly abandoned. Faced with this intimate item, each woman reacts in her own way. The undergarment provoked a strange feeling in most of them, just as it awakened feelings from the past…

            But who are these five women exactly? Why do they each have a key to the apartment? Why did the bra trouble them and why did each of them fear that they would be found out, almost as if they discovered a criminal offense?

            Intertwined Hearts is a novel that unfolds like Russian dolls: the storyline fits together and becomes clearer; the stories, the mystery, the enigmas and the surprises are distilled into one cohesive work.


Pilar Pujadas was born in Barcelona in 1960 and has lived in Brussels for several years. She has already published Soit dit entre nous, j’aime trop l’amour at the publishing house, Castor Astral.


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