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Alain Cadéo

Every Second is a Whisper


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Date de parution : 08 avril 2016
ISBN : 978-2-7152-4349-1
Nombre de pages : 160
Format : 11,8x18,5


   For two years, or maybe a little less, or possibly and eternity, I walk, I take trains, busses, I hitchhike, I latch onto the road like a green beetle who has folded back it’s wings. I come across humans, hardly speak with them, I am not very sociable. Sometimes, I stay in their company for a day or two, but, it is stronger than I am, I leave just as quickly as I came. It is curious, I don’t have a memory. Or rather, there are gaps, large and velvety like a moth’s wings. The road is a black eraser. I move forward and everything disappears behind me.

   After a car accident, Iwill (21 years old) severed all of his ties with family and friends and wanders. Once he arrives in Luzimbapar, he comes across Sarah and Laston. The couple lives completely cut-off from the rest of the world and surrounded by a pack of ferocious dogs. Laston relentlessly digs tunnels in an old copper mine, and Sarah entrusts Iwill with a notebook, on which he needs to recount his life story, thus establishing an agreement between them: he can leave once the notebook is filled… Iwill is able recuperate due to the hospitality of his hosts, who’s behaviour worries and also fascinates him. A strange dynamic is formed between the three characters. Is Iwill truly free, would the dogs let him leave without batting an eyelid if he so chooses? Nothing could be less sure…

Alain Cadéo is the author of several theatrical texts and novels, one of which being Zoé which was also published by the Mercure de France. He lives in Evenos in Provence.


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